Diamond Cup Grinding Wheels

Diamond Cup Grinding Wheels

Builders Depot® offers a variety of styles of Diamond Cup Grinding Wheels to help you complete your grinding project. Single Row cups are designed to offer the fastest removal of material and lowest initial cost. Double Row cups will remove more material. Turbo cups will improve the finish and offer longer life. Swirley cups help to eliminate the ridges left by single & Double Row cups grinders. We offer a vast quantity of Diamond Grinding Wheels in multiple sizes.

♦Supreme Quality - Superior Blade Life
♦Fast, smooth grinding of concrete, masonry and stone
♦Use single row for fastest removal and lowest initial cost
♦Use double row and swirley for longer life and more aggressive material removal. For use on 4" through 7" right angle grinders.
♦The turbo cup eliminates ridges left by single and double row cup grinders.

Diamond Cup Grinding Wheels

Minimal Price: $ 36.67 36.67

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