Epoxy and Glue Removal PCD Diamond Cup Wheels

Epoxy and Glue Removal PCD Diamond Cup Wheels

The PCD cup wheel is extensively used on angle grinders to remove paint, epoxy, glue, mastic, acrylic, and residues. It consists of a wheel body and diamond grits that are welded to it. By high speed rotation, the diamond grits will grind the ground surface. The PCD cup wheel can achieve efficiency during high speed grinding due to its high hardness and good abrasion resistance. It has thermal conductivity and excellent compression strength as well.

Segments of the PCD cup wheel contains more diamond grits so they have a longer service life. All the PCD cup wheels are balanced and adjusted by a balancing machine. The diamond spline is welded by high-frequency welding machine so it will not drop off even during high stress operations.

As a professional manufacturer and supplier of diamond tools, these new PCD cup wheels offer high strength, good abrasion resistance, long service life and low cost. Generally used in the construction and industrial flooring industry, these PCD cup wheels cleans paint and other impurities on the ground or wall.

Epoxy and Glue Removal PCD Diamond Cup Wheels

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