Tile-Block Saws

Tile-Block Saws

Ceramic tile can be cut by scoring and snapping with a tile cutter, but if you need to cut more than a handful of tiles, most people will invest in a wet or dry cutting tile saw.  Dry cutting saws use smaller, generally turbo-style blades, and are great for simpler installations.  Professionals and many homeowners doing a bathroom or kitchen will use a wet-cutting tile saw as they are much faster, more accurate and create no dust.  Wet cutting saws designed specifically for tile will have a fixed cutting head with a cart, and use either a 7, 8 or 10" diamond blade.  The tile is placed on the cart and pushed through the cutting blade.  The pan is filled with water, and an electric pump directs it to the blade, where it falls back into the pan and is recirculated.  Some saws include tilting saw heads allowing bevel cuts from 45 to 90 degrees.

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