Imer U.S.A., Inc.

How do you define success? At IMER USA success relies upon having an experienced group of employees and owners who have a common commitment to excellence, and who have learned to work together smoothly. With a R&D team, whose combined mixer design experience is well over 200 years, Imer's product is as good as they come. For your Mixer, Saw and Pump needs look no further than Imer USA. One cut with a saw from IMER and you’ll awaken to a whole new sawing experience. Imer’s continued research and development efforts have led to the production of our false bottom drum design. The false bottom works with the unique four piece paddles to provide very aggressive mixing action. Mix mortar, stucco, grout, and of course concrete with complete confidence. All of the IMER MultiMixers are designed and manufactured in house, not China. The final product is simply the best!

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