Diamond Core Drill Rigs

Builders Depot® manufactures and distributes a wide range of Diamond Core Drilling Rigs. We offer Core Bore, Eibenstock, Husqvarna, Milwaukee, and Weka powered core drill machines.

Since 1967, Builders Depot® has been manufacturing the BD-500 Core Drill Machine, an exceptionally high quality, 100% Made-in-the-USA Core Drill Stand powered by the most reliable 110V Motor in the industry, the CB748. Whatever Core Drilling your project requires, Builders Depot® has a solution.

Our rigs can be customized for use with Large Diameter Core bits using Spacer Blocks when used with a properly rated motor.  For holes over 14 inches, we suggest using a Weka DK32 or Eibenstock PLD450 available in 110 or 220 and you will require spacer blocks.  Additionally, we have longer Columns available.  See the Core Drilling Accessories Category for those items.

If you require a customized configuration, need spacer blocks for large diameter drilling or would prefer a Weka Motor, please call us for a custom quote.

Call us Toll Free with any technical or application questions 1-800-777-0969.